Jeanette Johnson

Perfectly styled and ahead of her time, Jeanette Johnson was a Midwest farm girl turned style maven for the everyday woman at a time when mainstream media dominated the fashion scene. Read on to see how social has changed the life of a professional blogger and to find out what a fashion blogger really does.

Eddie Selover

As a speech coach and an event planner extraordinaire, Eddie Selover excels in communicating messages and bringing people together, which is pretty remarkable since he’s definitely not a ‘joiner.’ It’s true, a personality assessment verified it! Read on to find out his tips on making anyone a better public speaker and find out how 6 minutes and 40 seconds is the magic number that can both blow your mind and entertain you.

Tony Jenkins

I think that I work pretty hard, and then every once in a while I run into someone like Tony Jenkins who puts me in check. Not only is he seemingly everywhere all the time but he pulls it off in style. Always dressed to the nines and focused on serving others. Let’s hear more from him …

Suneera Madhani

The best damn experience. That’s what CEO Suneera Madhani’s payment processing company, Fattmerchant, aims to give its customers every single day. From its colorful office to playful digital platform the organization has definitely taken on her persona. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. Or dare I say … the best damn interview?!

Tim Fisher

In an industry that creates smoke and mirrors, Tim Fisher wears authenticity and honestly on his sleeve like badges of honor. He’s a visionary with a love of family, artistic expression, and surfing. Dive in to find out how failure is our greatest teacher, how respect will get you everywhere, and how Tim’s guest lecture in my college class lead me to send him a very interesting package.

Michael Donaldson

Michael’s passion is singular: music. From record store owner to DJ to consultant, he hits the sweet spot of combining his decades worth of historical knowledge with his unbridled enthusiasm for what’s coming down the pipeline. Sitting down with Q-Burn was musical storytelling at its best. Read on for a mix of nostalgia and excitement, and find out how he got tackled by one of his heroes.

Kelli Wood

She draws monsters in order to center herself, pushes to change the world of education alongside Seth Godin and I hope she writes a book on leadership soon because I’d be the first to buy it. Within our interview, she shares a story that teaches us that sometimes an unfortunate event in your life can lead to something beautiful & unexpected. Sit alongside me as I interview altMBA Provost & founder of Little Big Things, Kelli Wood!

Azie Shelhorse

It’s time to upcycle your day and add some inspiration to it. In this interview, I meet with one of my friends, Azie, who was a stay-at-home mom that turned a hobby into an Etsy shop which then blossomed into a legit business. She shares a lot of lessons here which led to the evolution of her funky shop in Montclair, New Jersey, called ‘Verdigreen’.

Yin Lin

Yin is the co-founder of SheWorx; a worldwide collective of high-growth female entrepreneurs who are redefining leadership. In just over two years, the organization has had roundtables and summits that launched in seven global cities and reached over 20,000 entrepreneurs. To spark a movement takes motivation and, as you’ll find out in this interview, she sure does have an abundance of it!

Peter Shankman

Peter is best known for being the founder of Help A Reporter Out (HARO); a company that changed the way public relations works. How many people can say they literally changed an industry? If you step back, at his core, he is a marketing genius who skydives, writes, completes triathlons, and is building his tribe called ‘Shankminds’.