I Interviewed 28 Outrageously Remarkable People In 15 Months & This is What I Learned (So Far)

Last week, I was speaking to Pat Williams, author of 100 books & co-founder of Orlando Magic, about writing a book. He asked me if I have something burning to get out and I told him that the problem is I have a dozen things. I did, however, throw out the idea of sharing the common threads I've learned from interviewing people. He loved that idea, and this is why this post was born. It's the seedling for a book. Read More >

Sorry, I Will Not Be Reading Your E-Mail

In my experience, I’ve found that looking at e-mails after-hours allows for anxiety to creep in about things that I can’t do anything about until the morning anyhow. Then, you read the e-mail in the morning a second time … and then maybe a third .. and then, well, you get the picture. It’s totally inefficient and ineffective. Read More >

3 Words That Can Sabotage Your Intent

I have wanted to write about three specific words for a while now. I hear them a lot. Often times, these words have unintended consequences that the person speaking them may not be aware of. When I hear one of them, it frames the entire message and forces it into a specific context. Read More >

How Tony Robbins Saved My Business

This important lesson that I learned from Tony Robbins taught me how to minimize the excuses I tell myself. I can safely say it changed my narrative and saved me during the dark days of the recession. Read More >

Patience & Urgency

Patience & urgency don't normally go together in the same sentence ... until you find out why they are the perfect blend. You need a little bit of both to make 'it' happen. Read More >

Change One Word

The world's worst compromise might actually be the world's best collaboration. Words matter because the framing tells the story you want to tell. By changing one word you can change everything. Read More >

Be The Impresario

Impresarios don't organize simply for the appreciation (even tho a 'thank you' is always nice). They do it because they are the self-anointed orchestrators of the connection eco-system. Read More >

Who Exactly Are They?

Do you ever raise an eyebrow when someone cites their source as "them"? Like, no one in particular but everyone all at once. A seemingly 100% reliable source that has rock solid knowledge to back up any assertion. I've been thinking about who "they" are recently ... Read More >


People incorrectly use the word “irony” all the time. They usually use it to mean the same thing as “coincidence” but the word actually should be used to describe an instance where something is the opposite of reality. I want to share with you an ironic example and how it relates to our worldview we walk around with at work, business and out in the wild ... Read More >

Profit Isn't Unethical

Every once in a while I hear people confuse profit & ethics. Let me clarify, there is nothing unethical about making a profit! I have been thinking deeply about this. Let me share with you ... Read More >

Labels Are For Others

Labels are helpful for other people so that they can put us in a convenient box. It's up to us to not let it define our limitations and what we can become. Read More >

Live On The Ground Floor

If your goal is to maintain the status quo you will stop growing. Adopting a 'Ground Floor' mentality encourages risk taking & productive conversations about the future. Read More >

My 1+1 Strategy

For several years this has been the single most important meeting strategy that has helped me become hyper-connected while maintaining a generous mindset. Read More >

Networking Value

Networking is a continuous practice of focusing on others in order to seek deeper meaning in new and old relationships... Read More >

Repurpose & Reimagine

The world changes every day, so you need to be open minded to repurpose and reimagine ideas of the past... Read More >

The Present

If you are truly living in the moment then WOW, what a great place to be. You can avoid being crippled by the past or anxious about what’s to come... Read More >


Affirmation is important. We often seek it from others, but then we miss the mark because we don't give it to ourselves. Read More >