Jesse Wolfe

If Jesse Wolfe looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him swimming on Shark Tank. Now? He’s on his ways to becoming one of them! Let’s find out how hummus leads to peace and why every food start-up should start in your own kitchen.

Blaire Martin

What’s one central theme I learned about Blaire during the course of our conversation? She’s not afraid. Blaire is fearless when it comes to making the ask, stepping outside of her comfort zone and putting in the hard work. Her grit is infectious and I hope she rubs off on you as well.

Cole NeSmith

There is perhaps no better word to describe Cole NeSmith than visionary. At its core, a visionary is someone who thinks about and plans the future with imagination and wisdom. Cole literally brings ideas to life. These aren’t small, singular ideas. He orchestrates beauty and music and magic to create meaningful, interactive experiences … and he’s only just begun. He has a vision of turning Orlando into a major arts scene. Read on to find out how.

Laura Gallaher

Laura Gallaher launched her career as an organizational psychologist by working with a team to change the organizational culture at NASA. Since then, she has been working with organizations big and small to help Type A, driven managers find their blind spots, open the lines of communication with their teams, and create a culture of vulnerability worth fighting for. At the same time, her own life is one filled with reflection and travel. Have I mentioned that she’s currently on a mission to live in a different country each month for a year? Yeah, she’s a rockstar. Read on to find out how to ask the right questions to get the right results regardless of whether you’re part of a team of two or 200.

Pat Williams

Pat Williams has been living at the intersection of Strongest Passion Street & Greatest Talents Avenue his entire career. He calls this location his sweet spot but I’d say he’s been living in the zone. If Disney made a movie about his career you may just think that it seems a bit far-fetched. From Hall of Fame catcher to Baseball Executive to NBA Executive, he has reached the pinnacle of each phase of his life.

Bob Burg

Bob Burg is truly a people person. Whether it’s connecting with his audience as a sportscaster, through sales, or in his current role as a How-To expert and public speaker, his message is one that all entrepreneurs need to hear: valuing people and giving value to people is a guaranteed recipe for success. Read on to find out how you can turn every experience into a win-win for everyone involved.

Justin Wetherill

Bad News: your screen might shatter when you read how fast uBreakiFix has been expanding. Good News: there’s a solid chance they can fix that screen for you at a location close by. If not now, very soon. Led by CEO Justin Wetherill, the company has grown to be the top franchise in consumer electronics. Recently, I had the chance to chat with Justin about launching a business in his living room, being transparent & building a culture.

Anna Eskamani

Have you ever experienced a moment when you’re frustrated with the state of affairs and you look around you and think someone should do something? I think we all have. In Anna Eskamani’s case, that moment did not go unnoticed and it came with an awakening that the time for action was now. Anna is authentic, candid, and has some bold ideas about how things should change.

John Hitt

You’d be hard-pressed to find a larger than life figure than Dr. John C. Hitt, the President of the University of Central Florida (UCF) who has awarded a quarter million degrees over the last 25+ years. He’s about to retire this week and it is the end of an era. The longevity of his career, impressive on its own, will now live on forever in a lasting legacy. In our thoughtful exchange, we chat about role models, fatherhood, UCF nostalgia and National Championships …

Kristen Wiley

If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that we’re currently in the age of the Influencer. We’re not talking celebrities here, but regular individuals who have managed to create a personal brand and leverage it to build relationships with brands. Ever wonder how those individuals connect with brands? Enter Kristen Wiley, who used her experience both in marketing and as an influencer herself to create a business that bridges the gap between those two groups. Her entire enterprise started after following one sage piece of advice given to her by a college professor…