Jesse Wolfe

If Jesse Wolfe looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen him swimming on Shark Tank. Now? He’s on his ways to becoming one of them! Let’s find out how hummus leads to peace and why every food start-up should start in your own kitchen.

Blaire Martin

What’s one central theme I learned about Blaire during the course of our conversation? She’s not afraid. Blaire is fearless when it comes to making the ask, stepping outside of her comfort zone and putting in the hard work. Her grit is infectious and I hope she rubs off on you as well.

Goodbye, 2018! Let’s go, 2019!

I’m getting ready to start the new year with intention. Want to join me? Here, I’ve included my goals for the year and a simple tactic that is going to help me stay accountable. Thank you to all of my amazing guest interviews that I was able to share in 2018! Onward to 2019 and I can’t wait to share more with you.

I Interviewed 28 Outrageously Remarkable People In 15 Months & This is What I Learned (So Far)

Last week, I was speaking to Pat Williams, author of 100 books & co-founder of Orlando Magic, about writing a book. He asked me if I have something burning to get out and I told him that the problem is I have a dozen things. I did, however, throw out the idea of sharing the common threads I’ve learned from interviewing people. He loved that idea, and this is why this post was born. It’s the seedling for a book.

Justin Wetherill

Bad News: your screen might shatter when you read how fast uBreakiFix has been expanding. Good News: there’s a solid chance they can fix that screen for you at a location close by. If not now, very soon. Led by CEO Justin Wetherill, the company has grown to be the top franchise in consumer electronics. Recently, I had the chance to chat with Justin about launching a business in his living room, being transparent & building a culture.

John Hitt

You’d be hard-pressed to find a larger than life figure than Dr. John C. Hitt, the President of the University of Central Florida (UCF) who has awarded a quarter million degrees over the last 25+ years. He’s about to retire this week and it is the end of an era. The longevity of his career, impressive on its own, will now live on forever in a lasting legacy. In our thoughtful exchange, we chat about role models, fatherhood, UCF nostalgia and National Championships …

Sorry, I Will Not Be Reading Your E-Mail

In my experience, I’ve found that looking at e-mails after-hours allows for anxiety to creep in about things that I can’t do anything about until the morning anyhow. Then, you read the e-mail in the morning a second time … and then maybe a third .. and then, well, you get the picture. It’s totally inefficient and ineffective.

3 Words That Can Sabotage Your Intent

I have wanted to write about three specific words for a while now. I hear them a lot. Often times, these words have unintended consequences that the person speaking them may not be aware of. When I hear one of them, it frames the entire message and forces it into a specific context.

Tony Jenkins

I think that I work pretty hard, and then every once in a while I run into someone like Tony Jenkins who puts me in check. Not only is he seemingly everywhere all the time but he pulls it off in style. Always dressed to the nines and focused on serving others. Let’s hear more from him …

How Tony Robbins Saved My Business

This important lesson that I learned from Tony Robbins taught me how to minimize the excuses I tell myself. I can safely say it changed my narrative and saved me during the dark days of the recession.