Azie Shelhorse

It’s time to upcycle your day and add some inspiration to it. In this interview, I meet with one of my friends, Azie, who was a stay-at-home mom that turned a hobby into an Etsy shop which then blossomed into a legit business. She shares a lot of lessons here which led to the evolution of her funky shop in Montclair, New Jersey, called ‘Verdigreen’.

Yin Lin

Yin is the co-founder of SheWorx; a worldwide collective of high-growth female entrepreneurs who are redefining leadership. In just over two years, the organization has had roundtables and summits that launched in seven global cities and reached over 20,000 entrepreneurs. To spark a movement takes motivation and, as you’ll find out in this interview, she sure does have an abundance of it!

Patience & Urgency

Patience & urgency don’t normally go together in the same sentence … until you find out why they are the perfect blend. You need a little bit of both to make ‘it’ happen.

Peter Shankman

Peter is best known for being the founder of Help A Reporter Out (HARO); a company that changed the way public relations works. How many people can say they literally changed an industry? If you step back, at his core, he is a marketing genius who skydives, writes, completes triathlons, and is building his tribe called ‘Shankminds’.

Hillary Bressler

Hillary is a visionary entrepreneur who founded one of the first marketing agencies focused on internet marketing, anywhere. She saw this coming at a time that was before high-speed internet, laptop ubiquity and smartphones! It seems so obvious to all of us now but imagine that, at one point, she had to convince people that the internet is not a fad.

Change One Word

The world’s worst compromise might actually be the world’s best collaboration. Words matter because the framing tells the story you want to tell. By changing one word you can change everything.

Luis Vazquez

What happens when a professional breakdancer becomes a freelance developer and then switches to sales guru? You’re about to find out! Enter Luis Vazquez. Professional reinvention artist who is poised to teach the introverts of the world that they too can be mighty salespeople.

Be The Impresario

Impresarios don’t organize simply for the appreciation (even tho a ‘thank you’ is always nice). They do it because they are the self-anointed orchestrators of the connection eco-system.

Who Exactly Are They?

Do you ever raise an eyebrow when someone cites their source as “them”? Like, no one in particular but everyone all at once. A seemingly 100% reliable source that has rock solid knowledge to back up any assertion. I’ve been thinking about who “they” are recently …

Paul Jarley

Education. Bring up this subject with anyone and it’ll be a hot button of sorts. On my blog I’ve interviewed people who represent unorthodox educational paths, including many of my friends at the altMBA program. While I’m an alum of that program, I also have an MBA from the UCF College of Business and there happens to be an interesting figure who runs the building. I thought that he would give us great insights into ‘traditional’ education … but you’re about to find out why UCF’s business school is anything but traditional.