Who Exactly Are They?

Do you ever raise an eyebrow when someone cites their source as “them”? Like, no one in particular but everyone all at once. A seemingly 100% reliable source that has rock solid knowledge to back up any assertion. I’ve been thinking about who “they” are recently …

You hear people mention them all the time.
You probably reference them also.
But who exactly are “they”?

“They said that it’s not going to happen…”
“They’ve been saying he did it…”
“They say that it’s natural…”

They’re quite busy, I know that. Kind of like an infallible band of oracles.

They know all of the statistics.
They seem to have the best-perceived remedy.
They are up-to-date on the news.
They are really smart.
They have a crystal ball.
Well, at least they’ve convinced us of all this.

But if we’re asked, “who are THEY?” it becomes very vague.
They aren’t actually a person, an organization, a station, a channel or anything else for that matter.
What “they” are is an abstract form because sometimes it’s a collective of narratives in the business world, the community or society at large.

We need to be careful as to who we anoint as our ‘they’.
They might eventually become us.