Live On The Ground Floor

If your goal is to maintain the status quo you will stop growing. Adopting a ‘Ground Floor’ mentality encourages risk taking & productive conversations about the future.

Just last week I heard an executive say, “We’re doing killer so my goal this year is to keep everything the same.

My first reaction was that they must be on fire and my second was: How are you supposed to take any risks when you’re trying to keep everything the same?

This reminded of a powerful narrative I use:

‘We live on the Ground Floor.’

Yep, I consistently frame all of our conversations at my business in the context of being on the ground floor.

Let me share why this is critical: (OH, and by the way, narratives only work if you consistently talk about them.)

1) You make decisions as if things are flexible.

2) You’re agile because after all ‘this is just the beginning.’

3) You have a growth mentality since this is just the ground floor.

4) Your daily demeanor focuses on always being on the cusp of something new.

5) Risks are expected to be taken otherwise you will not grow to the next floor.

6) You talk about the future because it’s inevitable.

7) You stay lean and maintain a start-up culture.

8) Of course, you’re going to be humble. You are on the ground floor!

If you want to keep everything the same you will embrace the status quo. Then, inevitable change is going to come in like a torpedo. Risk-taking becomes part of your culture when you live with a “ground floor” mentality.

Try leasing an office on this floor, and let me know how it changes the paradigm of your decisions.