Labels Are For Others

Labels are helpful for other people so that they can put us in a convenient box. It’s up to us to not let it define our limitations and what we can become.

We fight so hard over superficial labels because they help others define us. I was talking to someone recently who was dying to switch careers but their identity is so strongly a “lawyer” that they didn’t know if they could stomach it. When we self-identify so strongly with labels we put a lot of effort into maintaining some sort of artificial self-preservation even if we’re not happy.

Instead of worrying about labels, we should focus on defending a “mindset”. This will ultimately define us. How we react to a crisis, how we treat others, how we adapt to change, how we push change, how ethical we are when no one is watching and how generous we are when we can be. Defend, preserve and strengthen a positive “mindset”, it will be portable no matter what path you take.

Let others worry about labels, you will be a much more content than them in the end.