Affirmation is important. We often seek it from others, but then we miss the mark because we don’t give it to ourselves.

Before launching this blog, I spent one full calendar year regularly posting business and inspirational thoughts through social media channels. I initially saved all of these thoughts so that I could have a plethora of content when I launched the blog and they also served as a testing ground for what my audience ‘liked.’

Something interesting started happening after a couple of months. Occasionally, a person would mention to me “Hey, I liked that positive post you wrote,” or they would weave something I shared on Linked-In into the discussion. These interactions energized me to keep posting consistently. Even if one person reads it and it triggers them in a good way, then it was worth the time and focus.

a really productive worldview

And so what I hope you get from this is: don’t underestimate your impact on others. It should be a responsibility that we all don’t take lightly, especially when we get triggered in a bad way on social media or in real life.

I’m not positive all the time (maybe most of the time, but definitely not all the time). The reality is that I also write positive posts to re-affirm and remind MYSELF on the importance of holding a really productive worldview. We need these affirmations from others, but most importantly, from OURSELVES.