Goodbye, 2018! Let’s go, 2019!

I’m getting ready to start the new year with intention. Want to join me? Here, I’ve included my goals for the year and a simple tactic that is going to help me stay accountable. Thank you to all of my amazing guest interviews that I was able to share in 2018! Onward to 2019 and I can’t wait to share more with you.

WOW, what a year! I promised myself that I would write down goals for next year and then ratchet up the accountability. How? I’m going to print out my goals and frame it. It will live next to the mirror in my bathroom so that I have to look at it every single day of the year.

Are you ready to reach further in 2019? Join me in printing out our goals! This way you are reminded constantly when you veer off track.

2019 Goals:

  • Scheduled exercise a minimum of 3x per week.
  • Time block the first 4 hours of every business day.
  • Book 8 public speaking engagements.
  • Interview 12 new people for my blog.
  • Write 1 long-form post every month.
  • Create new solution at Blezoo that becomes 10% of our sales in its 1st year.
  • Focus on my daughter, and don’t look at any e-mails after I get home from work.
  • Do not work at all, and minimize screen time, 1 weekend day every week.
  • Get a sitter on a regular rotation, so we can have consistent date nights.
  • Cook at least 75% of the meals we eat as a family.
  • Finish the outline for my first book. *Bonus: Write it.
  • Read at least 15 books.

My Word of 2019: INTENTION.

Act and plan with intention. Whether it is achieving a measurable goal or creating intentional boundaries so I can live a better life. Wishing you and yours an amazing year!

Let’s do this, 2019!

See you on the flip side.